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Florence is the capital of Tuscany and one of the pearls of Italy, its wonderful masterpieces and great works of architecture enriching the everyday life of what is now also a vibrant modern city. One of the most important collections of paintings in the world can be found in the Uffizi Gallery and other magnificent paintings can be seen in the Gallery of Palazzo Pitti, hosting among others Tiziano's and Raffaello's masterpieces. The city is famous for its Duomo, the Baptistry and many other wonderful churches, for Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio and Ponte Vecchio, where you can still find fifteenth-century shops.

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Florenz - City of Renaissance

Sights in Florence:

Distance from Hotel Villa Rigacci: ca. 45 minutes by car or by train

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Siena - City of Contrades

Surrounded by olive groves and the vineyards of Chianti, Siena is one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany. Set on three hills, the city is drawn together by winding alleyways and steep steps, whilst the Piazza del Campo stands at its heart, and the Duomo and St Maria della Scala serve as additional cultural landmarks. Famed for the "Palio", the annual historic horse-races that take place on 2 July and 16 August, it is also home to one of the oldest Universities in Europe, which ensures a vibrant Italian student atmosphere throughout the academic year. In addition to the bustling daily life of the streets and squares of the city, Siena offers many cultural events, concerts, cinema, theatre and a wide range of sporting activities.

Sights in Siena:

Distance from Hotel Villa Rigacci: ca. 1 hour and 10 minutes by car

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Arezzo - Renaissance in South Tuscany

Arezzo was established in the pre-Etruscan era in an area that had been settled since prehistoric times, as demonstrated by the discovery of stone tools and the so-called "uomo dell'Olmo" (man from Olmo), dating back to the Palaeolithic era, whose skull was discovered in 1863 near Olmo, a hamlet of Arezzo, during the excavation works in a short tunnel of the Rome-Florence railway line.

Sights in Arezzo:

Distance from Hotel Villa Rigacci: ca. 40 minutes by car

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Lucca - Tuscan Town with Flair

Lucca, founded in 180 b.c. on a bank of the river Auser, initially had the function of defending the surrounding territory that had been theatre of several violent conflicts between Ligurians and Romans; for this reason rapidly were built the walls. In time several public and private buildings were built, among them a theatre and an amphitheatre.
The imposing tree-lined Renaissance walls which totally enclose it, the maze of medieval streets flanked by towers and boutiques, the enchanting Romanesque churches and bright inviting squares captivate the visitor.
The Case Guinigi and the Guinigi Tower represent a marvellous example of Medieaval architecture in Lucca with mansions and towers built from one of the most important families of the town, the Guinigi. Paolo Guinigi ruled the town during the first half of the XV century. Today only one of the four original towers still survives and it may be visited.

Sights in Lucca:

Distance from Hotel Villa Rigacci:  ca. 1 hour and 20 minutes by car

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Pisa - Leaning Tower and Galileo Galilei

Pisa's origins remain uncertain even to this day; some theories say the city is of Greek origin, however the city was most probably founded by the Ligurians or Etruscans.
During the medieval period, between the 11th and 12th centuries, Pisa reached maximum prosperity; the Marine Republic became one of the most important naval powers of the Mediterranean and extended its power over the entire coasts of Tuscany, Sardinia and Corsica. Its fleet was involved in continuous battles with the Saracens and Italian rival powers: Genoa, Venice and Amalfi.
The end of the 12th century signaled the beginning of the city's decline. Everyone in Pisa, even to this day, are well aware of the Battle of Meloria in 1284 in which Pisa was bombarded by the Genoan fleet.
Under the dei Medici's the city experienced a period of recovery thanks to its port, offering Florence a convenient gateway to the sea.
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642): His work in physics or natural philosophy, astronomy, and the methodology of science still evoke debate after over 360 years.

Sights in Pisa:

Distance from Hotel Villa Rigacci:  ca. 1 hour and 20 minutes by car

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San Gimignano and The 15 Towers

From every part of San Gimignano the appearance is medieval: roads and public squares, town-wall, civil and religious buildings and the old fortress. Originally, the town was home to more than 70 different towers in total, although today, just 15 of these landmarks remain still standing, adding much character to the skyline and earning San Gimignano a mention on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

Sights in San Gimignano:

Distance from Hotel Villa Rigacci:  ca. 1 hour and 10 minutes by car

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Cortona - Valdichiana and Lake Trasimeno

Cortona is surrounded by Etruscan walls, around 3000 years old. It retains much of its history through its architecture, layers of history built upon the Etruscan core.

Sights in Cortona:

Distance from Hotel Villa Rigacci: ca. 1 hour and 10 minutes by car

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